2 weeks in for Shelter in Place here in NJ and I got say it's no wonder that people are not going to be ****Sh*t crazy anytime soon or will they?

There is words you never thought you would hear in your lifetime, Flatten the Curve.

Thank You Phil!!! It's going to be an early spring!

Wow, the month of January went by pretty quick didn't it?

Back from CES and I must say it was a blast! Looking forward to next year.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2020 is filled with joy and happiness!

Holy Hell! Is it true with a full moon shining bright makes people act like idiots?

Wow! Only 25 days left till Christmas! NO PC here.. it's Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays!

Wow, just think Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks then the mad dash for the holiday deals! Helloooooooooooooo Amazon Prime! 😀

How come people say that the Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer? It's got to be a gimmick right?

"The sun will come out tomorrow, betcha a dollar, the sun will come out tomorrow" For whatever reason, lyrics from songs are in my head for some reason? Is there a sign that I'll snap?! 😁

"Grey skies are going to clear up,put on a happy face!" Isn't that from a song from somewhere?

Yep, now grey skies, then rain, grey skies then rain? And it's going to be like this for the weekend and beginning of this week!! Boo!!!

Sunny skies, then rain, sunny skies then rain. What the heck?

Got a bad case of the cold/flu. It suck to be sick

The only other holiday which kids go ga-ga for with a lot of candy and that is Easter.

The Ten Commandments is on TV this weekend. A superb movie in my book.

Holy Hannah. today was bananas with a capital "B"! Good thing working on the podcast makes my evening that more enjoyable and peaceful.

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