How come people say that the Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer? It's got to be a gimmick right?

"The sun will come out tomorrow, betcha a dollar, the sun will come out tomorrow" For whatever reason, lyrics from songs are in my head for some reason? Is there a sign that I'll snap?! 😁

"Grey skies are going to clear up,put on a happy face!" Isn't that from a song from somewhere?

Yep, now grey skies, then rain, grey skies then rain? And it's going to be like this for the weekend and beginning of this week!! Boo!!!

Sunny skies, then rain, sunny skies then rain. What the heck?

Got a bad case of the cold/flu. It suck to be sick

The only other holiday which kids go ga-ga for with a lot of candy and that is Easter.

The Ten Commandments is on TV this weekend. A superb movie in my book.

Holy Hannah. today was bananas with a capital "B"! Good thing working on the podcast makes my evening that more enjoyable and peaceful.

I'l be filling in for @geeknews this week for the GNC podcast and I'll have the Mondays episode posted later this evening

It's April Fools Day and Google hasn't teased us with a April Fools joke. I wonder if they lost their touch?

@Kirk yeah 7 episodes are normally the first big hurdle. Then there is 25 then 50. So great job man!

@Circlecast Thank you so much Bryan, I have to give my kudos to @geeknews He suggested to me that I have my own podcast and for the most part, I am enjoying every minute working on and recording each episode.

Ok no Collusion!! Enough already!!! Sheesh!

I am up as of tomorrow 18 episodes of my podcast, that's awesome! I heard people who had podcasts drop off at episode 10.

Is it me or its something else that people i come across are acting weird today?

You know there are people from time to time suck!

Is it me or when Daylight Saving Time occurs either the hour moves back or forward, you are always still tired?

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