Wrapping up my work week and now working on the GNC WIR podcast! Tune in tomorrow!

21 days till Christmas! And for me, it's Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays! Sheesh, no way being PC.

GNC WIR Episode #4 now posted on gncweekly.com

Only 24 more shopping days till Christmas and 1 more day til for an new episode of GNC-WIR to wrap up the week and the month of November!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.. for me as everyone was in a turkey coma. :)

Short week for me. Yay!! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Episode of the GNC WIR podcast is being posted in 30 minutes from now! Take a listen!

And it was only a couple of inches.......Sheesh!!

OMG!! First snow here in my neck of the woods! People cannot drive on the roads today, it took me 2 hours to get home today!

Still little under the weather but I will carry on with a new episode to be recorded for tomorrow, so please tune in when posted at gncweekly.com or on your app of choice!

Almost Friday! Happy veterans day to all that served past and present including @geeknews

Sinus headache gone.........yay!!..........now a head cold........booo!!!

Hi everyone, new episode will not be released tonight. I left work (day time job) early today with an incredible painful sinus headache and I'm down for the count with medication. I'm a little bummed as I planned a great lineup of tech news from this week.

New episode will be released next Friday November 9th.

Welcome to almost to the weekend and new episode of Geek News WIR coming tomorrow!

Wow! Only 2 months till the holiday season and less than a month for Black Friday!! 🙄

It's almost the weekend and don't forget my podcast Geek News Week in Review w/the 1st episode. Be sure to tune in!

My podcast is premiering with the 1st episode at gncweekly.com 10-26!

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