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Strong gusty winds today. I think I saw Aunt Em's house fly by. ;)

Governor of NJ calls for State of Emergency today and my daughter's school district announced school is closed.............psst guys umm around my neck of the world only 2 inches of snow fell.

So so sleepy and tired right now and it's only 6:52 pm?

Supposed to get snow in NJ 3-6 inches......and all we got was rain.

Is it me or is there people acting got hit with a stupid stick today?

Oh my, you would think it's winter when the temp reads 60 February mind you.

Wow, you know it's winter when the temperature is 14 degrees.

Wow! The month of January really flew by!

It's Friday and time for another episode of GNC Week In Review! Find it later tonight on your favorite podcast app.

Snow this weekend! Not much snow mind you but a coating of course folks are going to be in a major panic like the world is going to end. Sheesh!

This is my last day filling in for @geeknews for the latest Geek News Central podcast for today's episode. Please sure to tune in! And be sure to watch the CES 2019 coverage at

Happy New Year!! I'll be filling in for @geeknews for the latest Geek News Central podcast for today's and upcoming Monday's episode. Please sure to tune in!

I am filling in for @geeknews for the last episode of the GNC podcast of 2019. Please sure to check out the episode later tonight! Happy New Year!

Rain here!! Boo!! Which makes sense by people that I have interacted with today where they are unhappy campers for some I know why!

Usually I toot here, for some reason I don't have anything to toot today. Sorry all.......wait a minute........I still tooted so it counts right?😀

Wow the month of December is going by pretty quick! And by the way, please check out my podcast GNC Week In Review, it's a weekly wrap up of the tech news of the week.

14 shopping days till Christmas! Online or going out to shop what say you?

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