For my birthday I finally pulled the trigger on a purchase I've been debating for some time... Bought an Nvidia Shield PRO. It replaced my Firestick and Chromecast, and dramically expanded and improved the media experience... And I can play amazing games on the 102 inch projector screen... And old classics like Mario Karts 64. No regrets!

My Harman Kardon invoke with Cortana can now search through my emails and actually read them to me. Try that with Alexa or Google home and you will be sorely disappointed.

Friday, while working alone at a client's house, I asked their echo device to play Elvis music, knowing they only had the basic Prime music plan. Two out of every three songs were religious. Now that doesn't happen to bother me. But I am sure that Amazon Developers did this intentionally 2 try to push more people to pay more for their unlimited music service. I am off and annoyed with Alexa "I can't find that song. Do you want to pay more money so that I can... When I know the song is in Spotify

@geeknews I haven't heard you mentioning your marketing tactics with those Bluetooth broadcasting devices lately. Are you still experiencing positive results that you can track?

Oops. Not seeing an edit for errors after we post. Guess we shall have to all be stuper kareful.😉

Hoping this takes off,Todd. Lord knows we need an alternative the Facebook!

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