Did a little cleanup on some of the non tech bots.

People are idiots, I have a double opt-in mailing list that people can sign up for that get announcement on the Podcast Awards.

Had one asshole today submit a claim I added them to the mailing list from all places a yahoo address.

Mailchimp is similar to other services get too many strikes they will cancel your account. Really pisses me off people do not remember what they sign up for and then do direct complaints later.

Well, I have my Satoshi earnings coming in via a lightning node. All foreign words to me. I need to figure out next how to make a withdrawal.

So how do I add the No Agenda show Mastodon to the timeline?

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It's almost the weekend and don't forget my podcast Geek News Week in Review w/the 1st episode. Be sure to tune in!

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My podcast is premiering with the 1st episode at gncweekly.com 10-26!

Getting ready for a tropical storm on Wednesday but live tonight at the normal time.

Show prep is in progress. Do not forget about our sponsor. You can promote them by linking to GeekNewsCentral.com/godaddy

Going live with the show at live.geeknewscentral.com

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