Part 3

So Todd, what are Podcast 2.0 apps? Well, I am glad you asked. These are apps that have a goal ultimately of helping you build an audience, monetize, cross-app comments, etc.

Even something cool called LIT. Don't worry when you see that you're going to have a mind melt.

Podcast 2.0 is a chicken and egg scenario. We need to build it here so the app developers can get motivated to add Podcast 2.0 functions.

The future of podcasting starts here.

Part 2

Today, if you know what Podping is and use PowerPress, the latest update implements it. There is nothing you have to do. It just does its thing when you publish a new episode.

We will update Blubrry Publisher soon to support it. Well, what is it, you may ask?

It helps get your episodes indexed quicker within the Podcast 2.0 App echo sphere.

Part 1

At Blubrry, we have been working hard with the Podcast 2.0 initiative to expand the functionality of RSS and bring new features that will modernize podcasting.

This is a significant work in progress, and some of these features are for the 3%. But we must bring these features to market to bring the 97%.

Transcripts and CC support we now have is a Podcast 2.0 initiative, aka we have a place to link the transcript in the feed to make your shows more accessible.

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Did a little cleanup on some of the non tech bots.

@lyceum Hmmmm, guess I am confused about what you're referring to?

@EverythingEverywhere Well the implementation from the get-go sucked. Not surprised.

People are idiots, I have a double opt-in mailing list that people can sign up for that get announcement on the Podcast Awards.

Had one asshole today submit a claim I added them to the mailing list from all places a yahoo address.

Mailchimp is similar to other services get too many strikes they will cancel your account. Really pisses me off people do not remember what they sign up for and then do direct complaints later.

Well, I have my Satoshi earnings coming in via a lightning node. All foreign words to me. I need to figure out next how to make a withdrawal.

So how do I add the No Agenda show Mastodon to the timeline?

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