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Solo with my 9.95 movie pass. Second movie this month! Gonna see another tomorrow. Best deal going the key is not to buy refreshments.

I am on my way shortly to determine how to conquer the main stream media with podcasting and build a plan for the next 12 months of podcast domination.

Ok folks be nice to Kirk on Thursday and Monday's show.

@Circlecast Well once you ride on a 757 that seat looks like the most comfortable chair yet.

@srol There are a lot of companies that are doing replacement batteries. What kind of phone is it.

I'll be honest I am really fucking happy about the Google podcast strategy. It fits with everything my team at Blubrry has been saying for a long time. There has to be some panic at Libsyn and Podbean. They will play it down but I have been a pretty happy camper all week.

Ok the shows been out 24 hours commentary?

@mgdell Yea its a decentralized social system.. AKA private twitter replacement. With similar features.

An Amazon Robot roaming in your home in the next couple of years is a distinct possibility. This show is jammed packed full of goodies and some easter eggs in the links below. Late show release due to my insane schedule and not finishing with a client to literally almost midnight last nite. Enjoy the podcast see you on Friday.

The show is going to be delayed I just finished with a client and will need to record the show in the morning. 11pm here.

@mastohost The challenge with sub domains with Let's Encrypt is the weekly limit on the number you are allowed to create.

@Mrphixer I still carry them with me everyplace I go and I have left plenty around the country ;)

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