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So how do I add the No Agenda show Mastodon to the timeline?

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It's almost the weekend and don't forget my podcast Geek News Week in Review w/the 1st episode. Be sure to tune in!

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My podcast is premiering with the 1st episode at 10-26!

Getting ready for a tropical storm on Wednesday but live tonight at the normal time.

Show prep is in progress. Do not forget about our sponsor. You can promote them by linking to

Going live with the show at

Live show starts in a few minutes

Don’t forget I go live at 8 PM plane standard time 11 PM Pacific 2 AM Eastern

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For my birthday I finally pulled the trigger on a purchase I've been debating for some time... Bought an Nvidia Shield PRO. It replaced my Firestick and Chromecast, and dramically expanded and improved the media experience... And I can play amazing games on the 102 inch projector screen... And old classics like Mario Karts 64. No regrets!

Solo with my 9.95 movie pass. Second movie this month! Gonna see another tomorrow. Best deal going the key is not to buy refreshments.

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