Problem with Gitlab software (thus all instances): the email notices that the forge sends have no extra headers. We must rely on To, Reply-To, From, & Subject headers for filtering. I’m not sure where to file this since I won’t touch Gitlab .com. Tagging .

: if you forget the email address you used to register a account, you are forever locked out of using the web client & trapped using only the 3rd party clients that you initially registered. It’s a IMO.

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Picked up a few more new games yesterday evening to bring back and play on my 2600 when I get back to Massachusetts. WHOO!
#atari #atari2600 #activision #retrogaming

The way nerds on Tor check the weather: curl -s --socks4a ',CA?lang=en'

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(Credit to askarel/Frederic Pasteleurs for original) They are *NOT* joking about using a forklift to move stray cars at #mch2022

I have several websites loaded in firefox, and have to bail. So I go to each tab and choose “save page as…”. Then Firefox re-downloads all those pages. WTF? How can be so foolish?

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Why is it that when I have a loaded an image or PDF in or & I request a save, the browser downloads it AGAIN? It was already downloaded to the cache, and rendered. There is no reason to re-fetch it. It’s wasteful particularly for those on measured rate connections. Mozilla & Google should be smarter. C’mon guys this is so simple- how did you screw it up?

Representation of just before the recent upgrade & also before all Electron-based apps collapsed →

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Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.


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Is there an authentic website to purchase bitcoins which is not hosting trackers and is not on cloudflare? #askfedi #askfediverse #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #privacy

Suppose there is an address, and the MX server for that is It seems to suggest he runs his own mail server, but it’s unlikely that a plumber runs his own mail server. So what’s going on in cases like this? Is there a way to discover the real mail server?

I need an mbox to converter because sometimes I have to distribute an email history in a readible pretty-printed format, but need to manually edit out sensitive bits. And it looks like I have to create it. But plz tell me of any tools that exist that can accomplish this.

My rat electrocution chamber is the most sophisticated & most costly anti-pest gear in my arsenal, yet it is the least effective. It killed 1 rat, vs. ~30+ killed with a simple cheap snap trap.

: if you open an image and then move the file while the image is being viewed, Geeqie freezes and can’t even be killed with SIGTERM. It needs the more extreme SIGKILL (kill -9).

The FOSS community is hypocritical to a large extent & it’s not the just the maintainers-- it’s that FOSS project owners/maintainers are predicting & assuming that the FOSS community will put account management laziness above principles. More projects & notable projects need the balls to say “fuck you” to MS & .com-Cloudflare-Google et al.

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projects should be scattered across many different / / / instances, not clustered onto the two most corporate anti-human forges to exist ( & )

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