Just landing on the Friday before a Fourth of July weekend:


"A (now former) HackerOne employee improperly accessed vulnerability data of customers to resubmit duplicate vulnerabilities to those same customers for personal gain."

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Don't miss the week's hottest IT news: We're talking, of course, about Vim 9!

2.5 years after the release of version 8.2, and with a much faster scripting language. More here:



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A non-profit focused on free and open source software has stopped using Microsoft's GitHub for project hosting – and is urging developers to do the same.

Copilot's use of FOSS was the final straw, it seems


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Speaking of GitHub, academics studied 'toxic' comments on open-source projects on GH, and found they were mostly arrogant, passive aggressive, and entitled

This may or may not be a shock; it's potentially useful for those tackling bad discourse theregister.com/2022/06/29/tox

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Blargh, as some have pointed out, we meant .ca.gov, not .ca. California. The state on the US West Coast with the Golden Gate Bridge and Hollywood.

You know the one.


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Interesting nugget spotted in the Meta/Facebook memo that leaked this week via Reuters

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said the corporation needs to increase fivefold the number of GPUs in its data centers by the end of the year


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FYI, this week a California state website exposed the personal details of those who applied for concealed-carry weapon permits between 2011 and 2021.

Other .ca online dashboards were affected. More: theregister.com/2022/06/30/cal

Original tweet : twitter.com/TheRegister/status

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